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We offer 3 levels of lawn maintenance service.

  1.  Annual Full Service - This is our premier lawn service for those that are meticulous about their property and expect it to look flawless all year long. Expect the same crew, the same day at the basically the same time every week. This service level comes with 2 x fertilization applications, 4 x shrub trimmings, and leaf maintenance through the non-grow months. It is a complete hands-off approach to lawn maintenance for the homeowner, while we keep lawn, beds and shrubs looking their absolute best.

  2. Weekly - This service is for those who want to ensure their lawn looks its best in the growing season but are not as concerned through the noon-grow, winter months. 

  3. Bi-Monthly - This is a basic service offered to those who want to ensure their property receives the basic mow, edge & blow maintenance on an every other week basis. 



Our irrigation team is lead by Sam Noffsinger who has held his irrigation license for over 50 years. 

Installing an irrigation system helps transform your grass into the green, beautiful, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted. It is the most convenient and efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the water it needs without over- or under-watering.


After a decade of landscape design and installations, there is no job too big or too small for our team of landscape professionals. Whether its a lush front yard greeting guests and neighbors or a beautiful backyard retreat, customers can always have a peace of mind in knowing our knowledgable and professional installers and design team will deliver a solution that is aesthetically and environmentally "Xquisite".



Most homeowners have a very hard time getting a straight answer to these most common questions about grasses:  "What type of sod does my yard need?" Why do I have all these bare spots?" How do I grow grass in shady areas?"

If you have found yourself asking one or all of these questions, Xquisite is your answer. We have over a decade of experience with sod installation and a lifetime of knowledge when it comes to North Texas summers and winters that directly affect your lawn.  


Old and rotting railroad tie retaining walls, cracked and crumbling stone walls, incorrectly installed concrete walls are some of the most common issues we come across when replacing a retaining wall. If you have a retaining wall that is failing, call Xquisite today. 

Proper drainage is another key element for the health of not only your landscape and lawn but also your foundation. Xquisite has installed thousands of surface and sub-surface drainage systems.

We also install pavers and concrete stone borders around flowerbeds and stone and paver patios. 

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